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Mexican Chocolate Cake [vegan]


This looks perfect for a birthday cake!

Today’s blogging by Cakecrumbs arrived at the right time!
Today is my daughter’s birthday, and I was at a loss WHAT to make for a birthday cake to keep a vegan happy…did I ever say how NEW I am at cooking/baking the vegan way??
Madam asked on Facestalk for a particular vegan icecream sandwich cake……..I didn’t have the necessary ingredients.
ok !That’s a cop out…..
I have baked the Mexican chocolate cake and it is cooling on a stand waiting for the next step.

The coconut cream has been boiled (I think) as I have never boiled coconut cream before:
The cream has been added to the chocolate pieces to melt for ganache: something else I have never attempted before, and I’m waiting for the creamy mix to cool to room temperature so I can beat it to “soft peak” and then apply to cake, NO photos because I don’t want you to see the cracks in the cake.

Originally posted on Cakecrumbs:

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter holiday. I spent mine with my partner and his family, eating way too much food and trying not to eat all the chocolate too. His brother and sister-in-law hosted us all on Good Friday, and on Easter Sunday his parents did. Both his mother and sister-in-law put on an amazing spread of food that we all ate too much of, and that was before we even thought about dessert.

I bought along a couple of baked goods for the occasion, baking most of it vegan so everyone could eat some. I made a batch of hot cross buns to bring because they’re lots of fun to make, but also because it’s next to impossible to find any here that don’t contain palm oil, especially not vegan ones. And then there was this Easter-themed cake.

Cakecrumbs' Mexican Chocolate Cake 08

Making chocolate cake vegan is so easy. There’s so…

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Posted by: maureenc | April 20, 2014

I Would Gather All The Words


IF : Such a small word and so many resounding thoughts

Originally posted on A Holistic Journey:

If I could I would gather all the words from the wild, pick them like berries     and press them into these pages to     bleed them, beautiful, into my notebook I would chase syllable streams that refresh dry banks and stop. at the quarry where I will cut confused hands on stone,     going through the   ruins of my       dreams and I will bottle my cries to     pour over the altar of my art If I could I would answer the laughter in the wind, unravel the rhetoric of the rain,     and walking dirt and gravel transcribe     the vernacular of city streets I would record every note of joy from children and undo the silence of grandmothers,     ask them   about dogged hope I would keep on west of my despair, right through the dying sun and spell     the sunrise as he lights…

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Posted by: maureenc | April 17, 2014

More Mushrooms


Another posting from Dadirridreaming. I’m loving her postings on Fungi (great and small)

Originally posted on dadirridreaming:

rich yellow boletes

rich yellow boletes

We have not been out ‘mushrooming’ for a few days, but my friend Meg has posted more from her walk today. However we were not slacking, but have identified a few more by matching photos and information from books and online.

Mycena nargan

Mycena nargan

This fairy toadstool now has a name, but even unnamed it is very pretty and delicate, although quite tall. Stuart found a leech attached to his foot when we arrived home on Monday, no doubt picked up when tramping through the scrub to ferret out finds like this! The bite is rather painful, inflamed and angry, but gradually recovering.

Amanita ananiceps

Amanita ananiceps

I hope you have plans for Easter, perhaps involving chocolate and family … or music and church or similar … we have lots of gardening to do, in preparation for our next trip to Europe, coming up in less than four weeks. However…

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Raw food: Fudgy Brownies

A short while back I blogged a recipe for “Best ever 10 minute Fudgy Brownies

Today I finally got around to trying the recipe myself!

No maple syrup so I used the old Aussie standby “Golden Syrup”.

No photos yet, as I’m waiting for the tray of goodies to set in the refrigerator; and then I’ll edit and add a pic.

But it was so quick and easy to make–well within  the 10minute time limit.

Fudgy brownies

Fudgy brownies


Now to find a try some vegan recipes for the weekend! I make a wicked Vegetable Lasagne, but I want something different:

Maybe some vegetarian pasties if the weather stays cool. I already have some yummy Vichyssoise made  but it’s waiting for me to make a loaf  of crusty  bread  to accompany it.   Off to hunt through my recipe books.

Posted by: maureenc | April 17, 2014

Easter Egg Macarons


I love following this blog! Remember the giraffe? The Owl?
Now it’s yummy eggs for Easter

Originally posted on Cakecrumbs:

Easter baking is some of my favourite kind of baking. Perhaps it’s because around this time of year everything is starting to get colder. The woolly jackets find their way from the depths of our closets, the heaters and electric blankets gets their first work out in months, and we start to crave comfort food. Warm dinners and mugs of hot drinks we can curl up with, while nibbling on hot cross buns fresh out of the oven. Everything just feels cosier. And then, of course, there’s all the chocolate!

Cakecrumbs' Easter Macarons 00

Amongst all the Easter baking I’ve been planning the cake. I decided I wanted Easter egg-shaped macarons on top, so these little guys are destined to be a garnish, but they’re a delicious treat in their own right.

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Posted by: maureenc | April 13, 2014

Mushroom Madness


I just had to share this …such fascinating shapes and colours in the fungi!
(with thanks to Christine)

Originally posted on dadirridreaming:

After a wet and warm month, we are in mushroom heaven … or more exactly fungi heaven here. I am hurrying to get around and photograph as many as I can! Here are a few specials, but please look forward to more as there are quite a few to share.
Barometer Earthstar (Astraeus hygrometricus)

Barometer Earthstar (Astraeus hygrometricus)

The first time I have found an Earthstar! It was on the Bingie Dreaming Track, near Grey Rocks. This bright yellow coral fungus below is growing near remnant forest in Bingie, under a conservation order to protect it and all its diversity.

Salmon Coral Fungus (Ramaria ochraceosalmonicolor)

Salmon Coral Fungus (Ramaria ochraceosalmonicolor) ((possibly))

Identifying fungi is enormously complicated, so I have to admit I am not trying very hard because I would like to share them with you now, rather than in months to come!

aren't they lovely?

aren’t they lovely?

Sadly there are too many possibilities for these beautiful agarics … perhaps in time…

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Posted by: maureenc | April 12, 2014

Best Ever 10 minute Fudgy Brownies


Something GOOD and yummy: One Easter treat coming up

Originally posted on Vibrantly Vegan:

brownies These brownies are AMAZING!!  Not only do they taste incredibly fudgy and delicious, but they take less than ten minutes to make, and are much, much healthier than typical brownies.  There is no butter, no dairy, no eggs, and no processed sugars.  Would you believe that in 1900, the average person consumed about 90 pounds of sugar per year, while  today, that number has increased to 150 pounds (a whopping 66% increase).   Raw desserts are made from whole, unprocessed foods  so they can be digested fully and their nutrients absorbed completely.  Once you try these, you won’t want that other processed stuff, loaded with saturated fat, eggs, white sugar and who knows what else.  When you  eat these, you will experience how fantastic whole-food plant-based eating is!  Enjoy!!
  • 1 c walnuts
  • 1 c + 3 extra medjool dates
  • 5 T cocoa powder
  • 4 T shredded, unsweetened coconut
  • 2 T maple syrup
  • 1/4…

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Lost Art – Waiting to be Found –

Today I finally screwed up the courage to “lose” two of my ATCs which were made during a recent Be Creative weekend>

The first ATC I left in the Redcliffe Art Gallery, where “Courage” offers audiences the opportunity to see Fiona Foley in a holistic and personal light ,and notes her expose’ of dispossessed indigenous voices.

Holly leaf #1 left my offering in an inconspicuous place alongside a video playing which was displaying images of some of her water colours.

LOST: Ivy leaves #

And to “lose” the second card, I went into the Redcliffe Library and visited the Arts and Crafts section, where, on an open shelf displaying some quilting books I placed the card Numbered 1031402.
There were too many Library staff hovering in my vicinity for me to feel cheeky enough to take a photo…….I’m a chicken at heart!

Posted by: maureenc | April 5, 2014

Lost Art – Waiting to be Found – March 2014

Lost Art – Waiting to be Found – March 2014.

Posted by: maureenc | April 2, 2014

I’ve got mail!

Today’s mail delivery, apart from the regular bills, was sweetened by receiving TWO postcards:

"While waiting for summer"

“While waiting for summer”

One from Gurli in Denmark and a member of Postmark’dArt where we both signed for the NO THEME theme in Round 19 swap.

The entire card is needle felted, and features a red hat with a padded crown
a black covered book with several free standing pages
and a beach ball on a blue beach towel or rug.

My other card was from Sheila in the United Kingdom, and a member of the Be Creative

Brown paper and emulsion paint

Slightly smaller than most postcards at 3.5 by 5 inches, the card travelled “naked” and arrived with no damage what-so-ever!
Our postal pixies DO take good care of the mail. I just wish they would delver my accounts marked PAID in FULL!

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