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AAQI July Auction

The AAQI auction quilts for July have been posted.  You have until July 1 to get the word out: you have a quilt in the auction!  On second look, you very likely have more than one quilt in this auction.  My congratulations and my sympathy:  if I’m lucky enough to have a quilt in an auction, I certainly don’t want to be in competition with myself.  But we’re not doing this for the competition, are we?  A competitive mindset is just natural …  But I digress.
Back to the point, send everyone you can think of to
and encourage them to bid generously.
The quilts and the wonderful quiltmakers are:
#6899  Daylily #2 … Jean Cheszek (Palatine, IL)
#6903   Fireworks … Jean Cheszek (Palatine, IL)
#7052   Thistly … Martha Wolfersberger (Frenchtown, MT)
#7131   Pájaro … Margarita Korioth (Longwood, FL) 
#7147   Take Me to Your Researcher … Dorothy J Cochran (Lufkin, TX)
#7168   Playing Jacks … Suzi Payne (Heber Springs, AR)
#7178   Coon … Roberta Ranney (Battlefield, MO)
#7179   Fantasy Flower … Roberta Ranney (Battlefield, MO)
#7188   Rose Window … Sue Miltenberger (Morgantown, WV)
#7437   Ginko … Franki Kohler (Oakland, CA)
#7438   Believe … Vivian Helena Aumond-Capone (Coarsegold, CA)
#7439   Serenity … Vivian Helena Aumond-Capone (Coarsegold, CA)
#7492   Yellow Flower … Del Thomas (Placentia, CA)
#7493   Which Ball? … Del Thomas (Placentia, CA)
#7494   Planet Postcard … Heather Lair (Gimli, MB, Canada)
#7495   Doodle … Heather Lair (Gimli, MB, Canada)
#7496   Christmas Puppy … Heather Lair (Gimli, MB, Canada)
#7497   Coral Sea Dreaming: Heron Island … Maureen Curlewis (Woody Point, QLD, Australia)
#7498   The Song Has Ended, But the Memory Lingers On … Maureen Curlewis (Woody Point, QLD, Australia)
#7499   But the Memory Lingers On … Maureen Curlewis (Woody Point, QLD, Australia)
#7500   Memories of Kyrgyzstan … Karen Musgrave (Naperville, IL)
#7501   If Only I Knew … Karen Musgrave (Naperville, IL)
#7502   Times Go By … Karen Musgrave (Naperville, IL)
#7503   Tea Time … Karen Musgrave (Naperville, IL)
#7504   Let There Be Butterflies … Karen Musgrave (Naperville, IL)
#7509   Spring Abounds … Lynn Woll (Tacoma, WA)
#7510   Life’s Patchwork … Lynn Woll (Tacoma, WA)
#7511   A Piece of Fall from New England … Laurie Walton (Glenburn, ME)
#7512   Sunset Grazing … Laurie Walton (Glenburn, ME)
#7513   Elegant Basket … Laurie Walton (Glenburn, ME)
#7514   Caught Up in a Beautiful Dream … Laurie Walton (Glenburn, ME)
#7515   Measuring Up … Laurie Walton (Glenburn, ME)
Now when the auction is over and the excitement is done, don’t rush to notify Marcia Middents to update the #1000 Promise page that one of your quilts has sold (if you have joined the Promise group).  Wait until the quilt has been paid for and sent — when a ‘this quilt has earned $$$’ has been added to your quilt note.  Marcia can’t do anything if you send before then and she has to send notes out and you have to resend … it gets tricky.  Too many update notes coming in to Marcia too soon also makes her cranky.  She hasn’t actually kicked her cat yet but she’s thought about it.


  1. Fabulous, Maureen!!!


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