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More Postcards

I haven’t been very active blogging lately. For some inexplicable reason I have had a tidal wave of visitors the past few weeks, and I have been visiting their blogs to return the favour, and in many cases, I have had longer visits than I planned reading the blogs of so many of those visitors.

Anyway, I am still trying to  make new postcards: The brief for the following cards, was to choose a photo , then print it on fabric and use it for the card.

A couple of the prints are photos I’ve taken in 1999 and 2011.Machinery Shed  Brisbane Scenic Rim This machinery shed I photographed in the area known as the scenic rim of Brisbane, and was shot about three years ago. I has been “framed” with a tan gimp braid.

Beijing 1999 In March 1999, my daughter and I spent ten days in Beijing, and this view of temple gates was one of the many temples we visited. The print is “framed” with 1/4 inch red ribbon.

 2-Scan-001 Back in  2005/6,Val Duncan made a quilt that she called “Heritage Lost”, and sent me a

photo of her work. I thought this was an excellent time to use her work. I love photos of old buildings.

Postcard from TAFE This black and white study was scanned from a Postcard that our local TAFE  (Technical and Further Education) College produced to get students interested in a graphic arts course. I used Derwent Inktense pencils to add some blue sky.

Monet's lily pondMonet’s Lily Pond painting was scanned from an art book. The colours of the lilies were absent from the scan, so once again I used the Inktense water colour pencils to add some colour.

Forest green gimp braid was used to frame the card.

These cards will be mailed to members of the Australian and New Zealand Art Quilters group in the next week or so.

At the moment there is something like a six week back log for the delivery on International mail in the US, so I am hoping that all my cards will be to Australian and/or New Zealand members. It is seven weeks since I mailed cards off to the states, and only two have been delivered.

Apparently, there has been an increase in security on incoming mail.When I started mailing these fibre cards back in 2004, the time frame from mailing to delivery was 10 to 14 days.

The price of freedom!


  1. They are wonderful, the Beijing one is my favourite, that must have been an amazing trip. How did you print a photo on to fabric?

  2. Hi Gilly!
    Thank you for your comments.
    My Beijing expedition” was the first organised tour I ever had… Blink and you missed “it”.. whatever “it” was!!

    I stopped to “properly frame” a view in the Forbidden City……….less than five minutes! And spent the next hour searching for my group!

    There are prepared fabrics with a paper backing that can be used for printing images, but I prefer to do it “my way” using washed cotton fabric which is ironed on to A4 freezer sheets made by C. Jenkins…if you are doing many prints, this is the way to go.
    If you only want to do a few printings, there is cotton twill, cotton and organza A4 sheets commercially prepared for printing, but it isn’t a viable proposition for “just a few” prints.
    I am really an amateur, but I do enjoy playing around!

  3. Lovely postcards, Maureen. They are certainly all unique in their own way. The Beijing one and the Lily Pond ones stand out to me. I just like vivid colour very much, and I think you touched up the Lily Pond one very nicely. It looks life-like. I had no idea there’s a mail backlog in the States, and the fact that there might be an increased in mail security. I already takes long enough for letters to be delievered already in Australia. Hope you’re well, Maureen, and have a wonderful week.

  4. Lovely postcards, Maureen. I didn’t know there was a backlog like that – is it just from Aus? We have sent packages to customers within the last couple of weeks and they have only taken 5 days at the most.

  5. Myfanwy, I am only going by what I have been told. Maybe Australia is a high terrorist threat these days! Who knows!

  6. Thank you for your comments Mabel. I will be so glad when Summer is over!

  7. Who knows indeed! But postcards…………….? Hopefully one day commonsense will once more prevail……………. 😦

  8. These are lovely. I really like the sepia toned Heritage Lost barn.

  9. Love your cards, thank you for sharing what they look like, and keep in touch. Hope all of mine make it over the pond…

  10. I don’t know the answer Myfanwy! I presume from what Andrew said that all international mail into the States was slowed.


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