Posted by: maureenc | March 7, 2015

Banana bender

In Australia ,as in other countries there exists a trait to “label” people living in the  different regions with a generally humorous name:

So people in Western Australia are known as Sandgropers,

people in Queensland are known as Banana benders

those in Victoria may be referred to as “cabbage patchers” , which originated in colonial days and is a referral to how small an area the state is! Don’t blame me, that is what I discovered when I researched the question……….when I grew up in W.A., Victorians were tagged as Magpies, and South Australians were Crow eaters!

As for people from News South Wales! Thanks to the   annual competition between the state of Queensland and NSW for the State of Origin Rugby League, the southerners as known as Cockroaches!

The Cockroaches of course respond by calling the Queensland team Canetoads

As  John O Grady wrote in  1957 in his comic novel  They’re a weird mob!

What is all this leading to, but the reason why Queenslanders are traditionally called  Banana Benders ; The border between Queensland and the southern states is labelled the “banana curtain and we refer to those living south of the border as either southerners or Mexicans.Banana bendersSo,  I made some tags!

The explanation of a Banana bender is “A Queenslander. Deriving from the joking notion of people living in the southern states of Australia, that Queenslanders  spend their time putting bends into bananas!

Queensland is referred to as Banana Land because 90% of the Australian commercial banana crop is grown in Queensland.

I used Xpandaprint to form the pulp of the banana, then over painted it a creamy white. The banana is partly peeled and painted with Inktense water colour pencils and outlined with a fine Pitts pen

Close upCertainly not one of my best bananas colourwise!



  1. I thought that it was amazing what you did creating the banana. Looks so life-like, popping out slightly from the bookmark like that. All four of them too. Amazing. It’s funny how each of the states have names for one another. The names do sound rude, but I think at the end of the day it’s all in good humour.

  2. Very clever Queen Banana Bender!

  3. Love it Maureen, but wot am I ?? I was born a cabbage patcher, became a cockroach, and now live in the real middle and am now a croweater. But when the cockroachers and banana benders play off then I have my blue eyes out and shouting foul at evey occasion as I am a died-in-the-wall Cockie!!
    Loves ya xoxo

  4. What a useful post, Maureen. Now I can pull the leg of one of my Aussie friends – and she won’t know from where I got the info. 😉

  5. my goodness, how funny, A little insight into how the Aussie’s, think. And love the banana… my hubby loves a Good American Banana Split.. know what they are?


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