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How many quilters and crafters are like me: they see “something” that they can’t live without!

They purchase the “something”, and then, NEVER USE IT!

Mea culpa!

Sometime in the last five or six years, I purchased a pack of MAGIC  STAMP(TM)   I purchased mine  from The Thread Studio in Perth.

What is Magic Stamp? It’s a thermoplastic foam which has some interesting properties:

*it can be cut with scissors or a craft knife.

*It can be sewn into by hand or machine , although I haven’t tried that yet

* heat doesn’t pass through it so it can be handled without danger of burns. My problem came from the heat gun I was using whilst holding the block in my hand!


Magic Stamps are approx. 3″ x 4″ and can be heated and molded to create your very own one of a kind stamp. 

Here’s how: 
1.  To begin, select something to mold and place it in front of you.  This could be a pile of rubber bands, a rubber stamp, a clay molds, the bottom of your shoe or anything else that has a nice deep texture or design.  I chose to use an assortment of buttons , a  Christmas decoration that was like a string of silver beads, and a few sprays of Cordyline flower stems.

Molds from buttons

Molds from buttons



smaller buttons

smaller buttons

2.  Set the Magic Stamp down and with a Heat Tool** heat the surface for approx. 1 minute – 1-1/2 minutes.  It is important to keep the tool raised at least 1″ from the Magic Stamp and that you keep the tool moving to heat the surface evenly.  Heating in one place for too long and too close may cause the block to scorch. 
3.  Stop heating and quickly lift and press the heated side of the block down onto what you are molding.  Press firmly and lift after 15 seconds. 
4.  Check your design.  If it looks like a nice impression you are ready to stamp.  If it doesn’t look like much happened you can reheat and remold the Magic Stamp. 

I actually used both sides of the foam block to make the molds.

Then I used an ink pad to load the stamp and, hey presto my stamped backgrounds were born!Later, I  decided that I would have had better results using acrylic paints and a small roller. I haven’t had time to try that as yet.

And here are the completed post cards that are winging their way to new homes:


 Red Buttons

Cordyline sprigs

Cordyline sprigs

Blue buttons

Blue buttons

Dragonflies & beads



  1. I’ve never heard of this magic stamp before. It’s amazing. Now this is certainly something I’ll keep in mind when I want to make a customised stamp. Looks like you’ve put yours to good use, and those are certainly very professional-looking printed postcards. Hope you are well, Maureen. Very nice to see you doing your crafts again 🙂

  2. I use the radiator or hairdryer to warm the blocks. The heat needed isn’t as much as you might think. They are very useful for all sorts of things. Well done for using them. Love the results.

  3. Thank you Myfanwy! I appreciate your comments. I hope all is well with you and that Spring is making life easier.

  4. Mabel I can’t believe that I waited so long to use the foam! Your comment makes me think of trying out impressing metal badges into the foam. Yes I’m well TY and feeling sorry for you with the winter winds down south.

  5. I love the first card made with the new stamp you made.xx

  6. Maureen, you’re a little treasure! A friend and I each bought one of these two years ago but neither of us has gotten round to using them. Your post has taken away the ‘fear’ of using it for the first time. Thank you, many times over! 🙂

  7. Dina I’m sure you’ll have great fun. This episode has whetted my appetite to PLAN a few different stamps by re heating the ones I showed in this episode. I really would like to play with the thinner foam also. Will you compare notes??

  8. Mea culpa goes for me, too. 😦 I haven’t bought magic stamps, though.

  9. You’re a creative genius, Maureen. 🙂 I love your results, they are beautiful!

  10. I am seriously in awe of your artful hands, M.


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