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The Mists of Time

As this  year is the tenth  anniversary of the Australian_NZArt quilters Group, a Challenge was issued  to its members to make a ten inch square quilt to commemorate the occasion.

The theme was (loosely interpreted)  TEN/ growth, and at the time I had no inspiration at all regarding “ten” or “growth”, so I went off on a tangent of my own choosing.

I have enjoyed making landscape quilts for some time, and thoroughly enjoyed a workshop with Cynthia Morgan (from Queensland’s Sunshine Coast) who first showed me that it was “alright” to use various raw edged scraps of fabric to portray the Australian bush.

Then there are books by Karen Eckmeier “ACCIDENTAL LANDSCAPES”   and  “HAPPY VILLAGES” which have also helped my journey.

Recently someone was talking about Strata quilts and after googling   them I found a few that gave me inspiration for my challenge quilt. (You were beginning to wonder WHAT I was rambling on about weren’t you!)

In a local quilt shop I had seen a quilt which had been fabricated using a tile effect in a landscape, and I wanted to play with the idea in this quilt.1-DSC03106 and represent the growth of Australia.

IF you look closely at the TOP of my “Mists of Time” you will see that I started with a tessellated strata for the sky.

But I didn’t like it, for several reasons:  1. I had forgotten to stabilise the fabric pieces with a heat fusible stabiliser

and the tiles were fraying.

2. Stitching the narrow pieces was fiddly ,to say the least!


1-DSC03109Rather than attempting to remove  the tessellated pieces that was the sky, I switched to Karen Eckmeier’s  “accidental landscape method” using strips of fabric to portray the sea.

Some strips were stitched with raw edges, and others had rolled edge top-stitched into position. I used a creamy fabric to separate the sea from the land and used wider pieces of fabric to layer the brown earth of the Outback , blending into the green pastures of farms and then the settlers’ cottages.

On the left hand side of the quilt is appliqued a pelican represented in an indigenous art style.

Behind the bird have been placed sailing ships representing the FIRST FLEET of eleven ships which sailed to Australia in 1788.


Above the ships, the Sydney Opera House has been applique’d behind white organza,

and on a level with the pelican, I added Uluru , which used to be known as  Ayers Rock.

It doesn’t show at all clearly in the photograph, but strips of various shades of blue bridal tulle fall down over the scene from the top binding. My idea of adding these was to add a “misty” look to the piece, and by leaving the strips longer

than the quilt itself, they might sway in any air movement and impart another dimension to the quilt.

And there you have it, my attempt at creating the Mists of Time.





  1. Gosh you’re so clever, creating so many elements.

  2. Iconic pieces of Australia right there in that quilt. Lovely. It’s beautiful. Very life like. Well done 🙂

  3. Thank you Mabel

  4. Fantastic, love the transition in methods. I have done something similar because the method I started out with did not work all the way and I just could not do it For the frustration. I think it gives more interest the way you finished it. Congrats, beautiful.

  5. This is absolutely fantastic.

  6. I love looking at what you are working on. Yes, it is hard to not be part of Postmarkd’art, have met such wonderful ladies.. Will pass on this year and see what happens next year.. Let us keep in touch! hugs, v

  7. Just wonderful. Wow.


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