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Colonial Knot stitch

I think it was about 1984 when I was first introduced to Candlewicking, and I loved it!

Whilst my husband was “busy” watching televised sport, I would keep him company and stitch away happily. Several quilts were made that way: I would be sitting in the car while he was “I won’t be a minute ” in the male nirvana-land  known as Bunnings Hardware in Australia, quietly whiling away the time and not getting fussed that five minutes turned into 45 more often than not.

Along my stitching journey I dabbled with many genres, even going so far as to move to the dark side  (machine embroidery) for a while. And now , for I think the third consecutive year, I’m attempting to follow SharonB with her Take A Stitch Tuesday and her PINTANGLE where she gives tutorials on the stitch of the day.

I think I warned you in an earlier posting that I would not necessarily follow Sharon’s list, but the Colonial Knot stitch evoked memories of many happy hours spent getting knotted  ! (Sorry folks, I just couldn’t help myself  🙂

The only technical detail I will give about the colonial knot is that it is sometimes referred to as a “figure of eight” stitch because of the way it is wound around the needle. Sharon gives a wonderful tute over at Pintangle and it is easy to follow.

I have returned to a group of (mainly naked) Crazy Patch blocks I constructed quite a while back and hopefully they will be all stitched up by the end of 2016  (fingers crossed) with stitches tried out in the 2016 TAST.

I have unearthed an old Candle wicking pattern representing a tulip and I am stitching it in  Arbee brand Candle wicking cotton threads that have languished in my cupboard for far too many years:

Some 16 hours later!

First attempt Colonial Knot stitch

First attempt Colonial Knot stitch

Well! You are seeing a “warts and all” posting.  The above piece was stitched on a CQ patch, using Arbee brand candlewicking cotton and I am not happy with the result, so I pulled out a piece of unbleached calico and returned to the “traditional” look of white on white , in using the Arbee thread

White on white Colonial Knot stitch

White on white Colonial Knot stitch

I think you will agree that a plain calico fabric shows the Colonial Knots in better definition.  Between the dark and light coloured fabrics, plus the texture of the white fabric, I think that the stitching lost its definition.

My preference is definitely for the lower sample !


White on white  Colonial Knot stitch

White on white Colonial Knot stitch

White on white  Colonial Knot stitch

White on white Colonial Knot stitch


  1. Love the post :-))) I am going to re-do the stitches as practise is good and easy to forget if not kept up. I hope to make Colonial knots as well made as yours. BTW there is no 2nd photo showing.

  2. Nice, nice, nice! Since learning this stitch I prefer it to the French Knot. I like the way it looks and especially the fact that it ‘stands up’ on its own. Thanks for the posting.

  3. Maureen I don’t know what’s happening! I edited the post and it showed THREE photos of the white on white….then it turned to three blanks> I’ll try another edit later.

  4. Since I taught myself Colonial stitch so I could show someone else how tomI have never used the French knot again!It is my all time knot favourite stitch
    bear hugz

  5. Nice to hear from you Bear! Long time no see!


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