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SCC: Round Robin

Glasses case block

Glasses case block

It’s just as well I nominated to be a “tortoise” in the current round robin on SouthernCrossCrazies, because I would surely be nominated as the slowest of the slow.

I must admit that stitching hasn’t been a priority the last month or so, as I adapted to being on the executive of a Ladies Probus group and needed not only to organise an Installation , but also to find new meeting facilities and plan an Installation Luncheon.

I also needed to get some inspiration to stitch and embellish the several naked blocks comprising a needle book,a pin holder, a scissor keep and a gorgeous block destined to continue its life as a glasses case!

I was the first to receive A’s blocks and no matter how hard I tried, inspiration just wasn’t coming to me!

(Particularly for the Glasses case block.)

Finally, I planned to back stitch heart outlines and fill them with silk ribbon flowers and a few beads for extra effect.Unfortunately, the heart outlines were swallowed up by the silk ribbon flowers I added.

This plan also gave me the incentive to dye some silk ribbons, something I haven’t done for the longest time. I dyed some pansy , Lavender  and blush pink. I still had sufficient green ribbon from previous dyeing days

Below that seam treatment, I used two strands of Marlitt Decora in a turquoise to chain stitch  above and below the seam line. In each curve I then stitched a turquoise seed bead flanked by a pearl “rice grain” bead.

Just when I thought I had finished with this block, I remembered some pale grey tatting that I thought might help the eye to travel down from the beige broderie motif I had added in the upper right hand corner! Now it was time to stop and leave room for my other “tortoise” friends to stitch up a storm

Glasses case block

Glasses case block

Time to tear myself away from this block, and start on the Pin-keep block!

Arlene constructed a circular block consisting of four segments, with finished diameter of  three inches for the Pin keep..

So easy to be over enthusiastic and cover the entire block!  But I restrained myself 🙂


Using an Edmar (Iris) thread  # 167 I chain stitched a dusky pink stem to which I added blossom pink SRE  rosebuds and leaves, plus silver charm leaves.

Then  nearly perpendicular  to that seam I  again used the turquoise Marlitt thread in a fly stitch.

A gold cat charm was then added over some blossom pink petals on the palest fabric block.

Arlene's Pin-keep

Arlene’s Pin-keep

Finally, I stitched the Needle-book block!

In retrospect, it was actually the first block I worked on, rather than last.

Using a variegated green Iris/Edmar thread and using SharonB’s CQ stencils, I  stitched some baseless triangles above a seam. Below each “hill” I added a trefoil in palest pink rice beads, whilst in the “valleys” simple lazy daisy flowers were added….again using Edmar (Iris weight) threads.

A cream braid was laid over the seam line of the cream patch, and small pearl beads  added to the centre of the braid.

There is still a fourth naked block that I have not stitched upon: the Scissor keeper!

Because the patches in these blocks are so small, I felt that I shouldn’t hog all the blocks. (So easy to do, when the patches are so small. I hope Claire and Arlene are content with the areas I have left untouched!

Now to send the blocks travelling again. It will be interesting to see the completed project in a month or so.


  1. Very pretty work 🙂

  2. Your work on the glasses block and pin-keep is all beautiful. Arlene will be happy.

  3. Slowest of the slow…but you have made so much progress, Maureen. I love the bright pastel colours you used. Your craft looks so lovely and good to know that you kept at it 🙂

  4. Such lovely work Maureen. And beautifully described. Can’t wait to receive them next.


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