Posted by: maureenc | November 24, 2016

Remember me?

Yes! I’m still alive ……I just can’t believe how long it has been since I actually blogged.

What can I say! Do I blame it all on getting older? No! That’s a cop out.

This year has been a series of  being “not so brilliant” as well as  lacking totally in any creative urges.

Early in September I had a total knee replacement, and since then I have been concentrating on getting over the  resulting pain, and trying to do all the exercises suggested  to gain full mobility again.

I must admit that I also succumbed to some  clinical depression due in some part to chronic pain……but that is over now.

On that point, it is amazing how some GPs react when a patient asks for help in dealing with Depression!

The same GP that thought I should cope with bone pain and not ask for repeat prescriptions for strong analgesics    “because you will become addicted!” was the guy was fired off twenty or so questions ranging from “Have you had a broken relationship” to ” has some close friend or relative died recently” to “why aren’t  you coping?”

The rest of his questions I found to be both  insensitive and insulting.

HELLO! It’s 3 weeks since I had a total knee replacement : the pain is stopping me sleeping; I am coping at home alone.

This was a guy I had been attending regularly  for seven years………I don’t attend him any more.

Anyway, enough whingeing! All is good. Mobility is good and pain is minimal.

Along the way, I have received postcards from members of Gondwana Textile Artists who heard that I had been bitten by the black dog.. ..I’m still trying to get my head into designing and stitching postcards to send to all of them. I had thought of trying a Gondwana theme; then I thought of fossils from the Wandjina Gorge in the Kimberley region of WA—-but thought they were too intricate for me to attempt in an ever decreasing time frame.


  1. What a hideous time you’ve had, so glad you’ve turned the corner, take care!

  2. Be well my friend. And don’t worry about posting. Post when you can…when it’s fun and easy. This shouldn’t be about us. It’s about you, so when you have the time, energy, and inspiration….that’s the right time. Patsye

  3. Glad to hear you are recouping.. I am always thankful for the friends I have met with the postcard group. I love my gathering of postcards, but have run out of room in my house, and the goal this year is to down size. Started yesterday while trying to get the Thanksgiving stuffs together for today and company.. the shelf that hubby has his books on finally started to tip and now he has 8 grocery bags full of books, and I have some shelves that can receive some other items.. plus putting metal clips to hold them up. This is one out of about 20 shelves that need clearing.. Hope we can find a good home for the books, everyone read electronically now. Including him, enough collecting. Dear friend glad to hear you are out of your slump and dumped a doppy Dr. Onward for the new year!!! big hugs and love, vivian
    PS Quilt books will be the last to be reviewed.. and quilts to be finished next year!

  4. Forgive me Maureen but …. What a total a.r.s.e. your doctor is. I wonder where he got his certificate from saying he was a registered Doctor. Out of a Lucky Bag, or a Christmas Cracker I think.

    Depression of any sort is a serious medical problem. I’m thrilled to read that you’ve kicked him off your team and are now being treated by someone else. I wish I’d have known you were going through such a bad time. I would have made you a card and sent it so that you had some happy mail – and I bet you your sweet bippy that other crafters would have done the same too.

    You mustn’t be shy about saying something, you daft thing. We all care about you.

    I’m thrilled that your (sort of) back with us in the land of Blog. I’m hoping that your mojo kicks in soon and you get the urge to ‘make’. Until that time … why don’t you just post once a week … something like a joke you’ve found on Google. Or maybe a photograph you’ve taken while you were out on a walk. Anything. Just to get yourself back into the swing of things ….. and stop us fretting about you!

    Sending you love, and hoping that your new knee gets better and better.
    Heaps of Squidges ~ Cobs. x

  5. Sorry, I guess I missed this post. I hope you are better and ready for swing dancing. 😉
    Were your holidays enjoyable? Personally, I’m happy to have them behind me, so much social pressure!
    I can’t believe half of Jan. is gone already, time flies faster and faster, it seems. Stay out of the sun and keep cool!


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