Posted by: maureenc | May 7, 2018

Where has 2018 disappeared to?

I know it’s a couple of years since I gave myself permission not to blog every day, but this hiatus is unforgivable. What have I been doing, besides getting older—–this and that.

Last year, not long after I returned from cruising the South Pacific I was unfortunate enough to succumb to a bout of Influenza A and required a period  as inpatient in the local hospital. After that, the “fun” started: I was diagnosed with chronic heart failure, and in the way of western doctors, they decided that I needed more pills to pop.

Have you ever tried convincing a physician that you don’t need meds to control high blood pressure………when your BP is decidedly LOW all the time.

I do wish that medical doctors had a better understanding of the drugs they prescribe, and occasionally read up on possible contra indications. I HATE it when supercilious doctors ask me if I have been “Doctor Googling AGAIN” That really raises my BP and I reply that I need do so to keep them/him “honest”

Well, that’s my gripe for the day.

Just before Easter I had to make the heart breaking decision to have Sam, my much loved cat euthanized. He was 16.5 years old, but had developed renal failure. Poor baby.

Sam Wise was a tawny Abyssinian and a most delightful personality. He loved having people come to visit

I decided that if another cat came into my life, it would be an older one that needed a  safe place to see out its final years. I had made a move towards having another Aby in my life, when I learned of Kai: He had been rescued from “death row” in a pound up north, rescued by the “crazy cat lady” in Caboolture; temporarily fostered then surrendered again and was really one stressed out cat among some twenty other cats.

My daughter and I went to meet him: he was huddled in the base of a cupboard, growling at all and sundry. A big white boofy looking  puss who obviously HATED the world. My immediate thought was “oh god what am I doing here”

I also knew that he and several other cats were being taken to a local Pet Barn store on Saturday, in the hopes of finding him and the others a new home. I couldn’t let him go through that added stress, so he came home with me.


According to the Vet report and micro chip info, Kai is nearly six years old: Thankfully , he is not deaf as so many white DSH cats can be and he must have been loved and cherished at some time in his life as he behaves well as an indoor cat in strange surroundings.

I think that he needs his name changed to HOOVER, but maybe he is making up for lean times in the past.

For an adult cat who I have no real idea of his history, I am pleased and relieved at how he has settled into life with me. He has been immunised, neutered checked out and declared healthy. Next week I will get my preferred Vet. to check him out, but first I want him to be totally “settled” in our surroundings so that he won’t feel that he is being passed on to  a new place again.

Apart from cats, I have returned to stitching again. I dusted off the cobwebs and dust from my Embroidery machine, upgraded the EMBIRD software on my laptop and am trying to learn how to use the dratted machine correctly.

The first project, was a book cover for an A5 sized journal. This involved doing three pieces ITH, joining them together (also in the hoop) Boy o boy has my  grey matter gone into melt-down…… betcha! TWO covers have been completed, and the third attempt is languishing in the UFO basket.

The last couple of weeks I attempted a SWEET PEA pattern named Abstract Flowers: six different flower designs featuring both applique’ and embroidery. I chose a small print black and white floral for the base squares and rather flamboyant colours for the embroidery. I have realised WHY I stopped doing patchwork a few years ago! I have the devil’s own job getting neat points on squares and successfully lining up seam lines. Crazy patch and art quilts /landscapes are my preferred “thing” because I don’t need stress over  things being ship-shape.


Apart from cats and stitching, life has been quiet this year…and that is why dear readers you have had so little blogging from me.

Hoping all is well with all of you…………Ciao!


  1. Sorry to hear what happened to you, Maureen. It’s lovely to see you moving along and still going about your life doing what you love and what matters. Take care 😊

  2. Hi Maureen, happy you recovered from the FluA. Nasty, nasty……you need the cruisimg holiday now to really recover from the flu bug!
    Kai looks like a beauty, He will be happy to be your new baby cannot think of a more loving Mom.Anyway lovely to see you blogging again.
    Love n hugz bear xxoo

  3. Goodness what a time you’ve had, I hope things settle down for you now. I lost two dogs last year so I understand and am really sorry t read about you beautiful cat.

  4. Glad to hear that you are doing well, and have a new companion. My email is the same but my blog changed and you have to sign up again, Will email you, with the info… Our computer kids have been working on my web site etc. and some things have changed. So take a look and let me know what you think. Glad to hear that you are doing well.. Oh,, we will be traveling by Car East again this summer, so it you want to follow along, pop into Facebook and my Blog, will be stopping at Quilt stores… and where ever the wind takes us. Leaving the middle of July, have home sitters, so it all works out! Llamas are not good at taking care of the house or the cats.. hugs, v


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